Connected, Together, We Thrive

We believe the future of banking is digital, connected, contextual, and customer-first. We’re building a financial ecosystem of simplified banking solutions that weave seamlessly into your business and your life.

  • It all starts with Thread Bank

    Our digital-first solutions combine best-in-class technology with a streamlined customer experience to reduce the time, effort, and mental energy of everyday business and personal banking.

  • We’ve funded innovators since 1906

    Thread Bank was founded in Eastern Tennessee, which was a major launching point for Revolutionary War heroes heading West to claim their American dreams. That same pioneering spirit is driving the seasoned banking and fintech investors and executives who recapitalized the bank in May 2021 to help today’s business visionaries and dreamers succeed.

  • Our next offering empowers your growth

    We built the framework for you to extend our simplified banking to your customers via an easy-to-implement, easy-to-sell, embedded banking solution.

  • The future vision is a connected, compliant ecosystem

    Through meticulously selected partnerships, we will utilize our technology platform and charter to empower other banks, credit unions, and fintechs to integrate financial solutions into their customer experience, without the hassle of building them.

Meet Our Team

Senior Leadership Team